One of the most important steps in creating a positive experience in buying real estate is finding a lender who is knowledgeable, dependable and can perform on time!  In this area of expertise there are many options to choose from and your decision will affect your experience: good or bad!

What to look for in a lender:

  • THE COMPANY:  A BROKER doesnt fund the loans themselves but submits the loan to a mortgage banker.  They have many options for lending sources which can create flexibility.  They are also reliant on the quality and service levels of those lending sources.  A MORGAGE BANKER (direct lender) funds the loan with their own funds then may sell the loans off to larger players in the industry.  They also have many loan program options which can create flexibility.  They have their own staff that processes the loan through closing.  Large BANKS are also an option.  I have had the unfortunate experience of understaffing causing delays and a lack of flexibilty in underwriting since they dont utilize other program options.
    • I prefer a Mortgage Banker.  They have sufficient size and staff to get the job done on time.
  • THE LOAN OFFICER:  This person is key to your experience.  They need to be knowledgeable.  Navigating the rules of lending and the variety of lending programs available takes years to master and dedication to become a true expert.  I recommend that you use a person with many years of experience.  I equate the loan officer role to the job of an attorney.  They need to be dedicated and an expert in their field if you want them to represent you.
    • CALL Shelly Jenkins at American Financial Network Inc.
      • Over 20 years experience
      • Experience as an underwriter for Conventional, FHA, VA and Jumbo loans.
      • Dedicated to top level customer service
      • Direct: 909-228-5519


Shelly Jenkins, American Financial Network Inc., MLO, NMLS 282810, Direct 909-228-5519

 Disclosure:  For transparency I also want to let you know that Shelly is also my wife.  Besides being a great loan officer she is also a wonderful woman.  You are NOT required to do business with her if I am your agent.  I encourage you to talk to a few lenders but I am certain that none know their business like she does!